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Project-Nerd Publishing is an up-and-coming independent publisher that has a growing name and brand recognition that has already been established by the many other Project-Nerd and EEON ventures.

Partnering with Project-Nerd allows you to reach an established brand audience of millions as well as the chance to network with other creative individuals across the world. Project-Nerd Publishing has a very fair profit share and even provides additional team members to the project that handle the maintenance, publishing, and marketing so you can focus on creating.

Being that we are a young and independent publisher we can’t pay page rates that a large corporate publisher can for any service provided, but we do our best to offer fair compensation and opportunities.

Projects currently range in style and needs. Please understand that we are sharing vague amounts of details for obvious reasons (we don’t want to lose them).


Marketing Intern

Project-Nerd Publishing is currently seeking a high energy individual to serve as a Marketing Intern.

The Marketing Intern position will oversee all of Project-Nerd Publishing’s digital marketing (not including social media) including the submission of content to blogs, websites, and podcasts for reviews, interviews, and coverage.

The individual in this role needs to be very capable of using a computer, specifically web browsers and basic pop emailing programs. They should be outgoing and willing to reach out to a variety of brands both online and in person.

The position will demand anywhere between one to three hours a week. Compensation should be considered supplementary to an existing income as all Project-Nerd Publishing staff members and volunteers maintain careers outside the brand.

Please send all inquiries and resumes to publishing(at)project-nerd.com


At this time we are not seeking help for any of our internal projects, however we are always open to portfolio submissions for opportunities that will arise at a later date.


At this time Project-Nerd Publishing is reviewing submissions but only accepting at a very limited rate due to a high amount of internal projects in production.

Project-Nerd Publishing will accept submissions that include a 1-3 page synopsis on the plot and where the story will progress, a minimum of 3 pages of art (This may be substituted with a full collection of concept art and character profiles), and a full list of the creative team (including contact information).

Even with us not openly pursuing submissions we receive a number of submission. So if you want to share your idea with us to be published please put together a full presentation and put your best foot forward. Submissions that feature all aspects of the title considered (writing, art, color) and show longevity will be considered much more quickly than a well typed email with a birds-eye view.

Again, we are currently focusing on launching our own original series at this time, so submissions will be taken lightly.

Please keep in mind, we are a very small up-and-coming publisher that is receiving many submissions of different styles a day. It is impossible for us to get back to everybody. We apologize ahead of time if you do not hear back from us, but please understand that we will do our best to communicate needs and interest on a regular basis.

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