The Escort


The Escort

Created & Written by Iggy Michniacki
Pencils & Inks by J.C. Grande
Color by Esteban Salinas

Audiences have been waiting for the follow up to Barrens, Project-Nerd Publishing’s first title to go to second print on two different covers, but the project came to a halt after Chapter One. With the creative team moving on to other projects, it left the door open for Esme Ford to return in a different capacity.

Set in the not too distant future, The Escort follows Esme Ford as she proves to be the best guide through the barrens as she transports goods and people between the few remaining fortified cities left in the world. Ford will open up a brand new mission with the debut issue of The Escort in January 2017.

The Escort is written by Esme Ford creator and Project-Nerd Publishing Founder, Iggy Michniacki, and will feature the pencils and inks of J.C. Grande (Johnny Monster, Necessary Evil) and colors from Esteban Salinas (Deviant Apple Studios). Erin Lei will return as Esme Ford for a cosplay cover variant of the first issue with Salinas also creating the series’ cover art.

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Chapter One

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Chapter Two

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Chapter Three

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