Billie Graphic Novel

Billie and her friends take on the Drask gang in this popular ode to the Wild West.

Created & Written by Iggy Michniacki
Artwork by Zack Rezendes
Colors by Michaela Patton


Blaze, currently a one-shot release, follows a group of characters in Capital City that are as complex as they are powerful. Blaze is joined by fellow superheroes Lady Fox and Shock, who are a crime-fighting couple, in his every day battle to take on villains as well as his mental illness.

Created & Written by Iggy Michniacki
Artwork by Mario Alberto Diaz Guerra


The Escort
Set in the not too distant future, The Escort follows Esme Ford as she proves to be the best escort for those looking to survive in the barrens.

Created & Written by Iggy Michniacki, Inks by JC Grande, Colors by Esteban Salinas


Task Force Max
Following an elite task force of four worldly individuals, Task Force Max promises action from cover to cover as Max leads Beta, BD, and Ruby through missions that the world’s governments can’t or won’t handle.

Created & Written by Iggy Michniacki
Art by P.R. Dedelis

Details Coming Soon!