Other Services


Project-Nerd Publishing offers more than just publishing.

If you are looking for help with printing, design, and even a crowdfunding campaign but don’t offer products we typically distribute or even want to remain a self-publisher, we can still help. Just check out some of the options we offer as a brand.

Calendar / Flyer / Advertisement Design and Distribution

We’ve designed calendars, event flyers, online and print advertisements for not only the other EEON brands, but for many third party brands that have been more than thrilled with the results. Currently we are working on Erin Lei’s 2017 Calendars as well as flyers for upcoming fall events.

Crowdfunding Campaign Management

Having issues running a Kickstarter for your book, comic, or graphic novel but not looking to give up the publishing rights? Project-Nerd Publishing can still organize and manage your campaign allowing you to reach the fanbase you need but keeping all other publishing rights in your own hands.

Event Program Creation

Project-Nerd Publishing is currently creating the Program for Colorado Cosmic Con and Project Cosplay 2017. We’ve provided program services in the past under the EEON name, and now offer this service through the Project-Nerd Publishing brand.

Editing Services

Project-Nerd Publishing has access to four editors, all with plenty of experience. The team has worked for many years on web editing, but also has experience in book, comic book, and newspaper editing. Contact us with specific information for rates and details.

Current Examples

tarusov-red-pinup-bookProject-Nerd Publishing is currently responsible for the Kickstarter Campaign, editing, and handling select distribution channels for Andrew Tarusov’s new Red Pin-Up Art Book.

Project-Nerd Publishing handled design services in 2016 for EEON’s own Project Cosplay Program, Erin Lei’s 2017 Calendar, as well as the event program for Colorado Cosmic Con 2016.

Please contact us via publishing(at)project-nerd.com for more information on any of the above services.