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Bullet Gal — the Comic Series — Gets the Novel Treatment

Bullet Gal — the Comic Series — Gets the Novel Treatment
BG to BGWe just heard from Andrez Bergen, the writer/artist behind PNP titles Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat and Bullet Gal, that the latter — which we recently optioned and released as a trade paperback collection of all 12 critically-applauded issues — has been novelized by Andrez… and accepted for publication through U.K. publisher Roundfire Books later this year.

That’s right: Bullet Gal, an innovative noir/crime/sci-fi journey, will come out minus the pictures.

Comics converted into movies is dime-a-dozen, but taking a 12-issue comic book run and making it into a novel is a little unusual — what a great step to see! We will keep you informed.

Meanwhile, go check out the original 250-page graphic TPB via our store, with an original cover by Graeme Jackson.

The PNP Crew Q&A Series, #2: MATT KYME

The PNP Crew Q&A Series, #2: MATT KYME

As mentioned on the weekend, over the next few weeks we here at Project-Nerd Publishing have set ourselves a mission (of sorts): to raise the profile of the people we work with, both creators and admin — and to address any questions you might have about our directions, interests, goals, home-truths, influences, ideas, and not-so-hidden agendas!

Next cab off the rank is Australian artist/writer Matt Kyme, the man behind That Bulletproof Kid.

[BTW, if you missed #1 with PNP’s Galo Gutierrez, you can check that out here.]


That Bulletproof Kid version 1Who are you, and what do you do?

Matt Kyme here, a comic book writer from Melbourne, in Australia. I’m probably best known for my superhero series That Bulletproof Kid, but I’ve worked on numerous other titles including Tales To Admonish, Gaining Velocity, Carmen and Decay.

I have a reputation for being very productive and prolific. I am ambitious and I want to make great comics. I aim to make my characters and dialogue seem genuine and realistic. I weave important issues into the subplots involving the lead and supporting cast such as bullying and harassment, self-esteem and body issues, family breakdown and a plethora of other common concerns but balance them against world shaking superhero action and diabolical villains. My stories range from grounded realism to way out fantasy. I delve into the rich history of comics and literature but aim to be progressive.

Other than writing I have some experience with various art forms, most notably oil painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture. I have exhibited paintings, drawing and sculptures. I studied Art at University and have a decent knowledge of art history and I remain interested in modern art.

How did you become involved with Project-Nerd Publishing?

I’m immensely proud to be associated with Project-Nerd Publishing. I was very fortunate to have had some terrific supporters in the U.S., including the charming Mr. Galo Ramiro Gutierrez, who invited me to submit That Bulletproof Kid for consideration. I was equally lucky that the big boss — Iggy Michniacki — saw something in it that he liked… and the rest is history.

Tales to Admonish_Vol 1_cover_IF COMMIXWhy are indie comics so damned important?

Because they are made with blood sweat and tears. They are created by people who feel compelled to make them and don’t have the resources and backing of major companies. Indie comics often don’t make money, but the creators persist because they feel duty bound to continue – their stories are so important to them they must be told. That’s how it is with That Bulletproof Kid. Nobody interferes with the direction of the comic, it’s not controlled by a board room full of suits who have data from focus groups. If Indie comics do make money, it goes into the creation of the next project, it doesn’t fine the pockets of some CEO.

Who are your favorite comic book artists?

This answer is probably based on sentimentality more than the artists’ ability, but here we go: Rick Leonardi, Norm Breyfogle, Frank Quitely, Jim Lee, JR JR, Frank Miller, Hans Lindahl, Greg Capullo, Dave Johnson, Chris Samnee, Becky Cloonan, Travis Charest, Cliff Chiang, Ryan Ottley, Mike Allred, Jamie McKelvie, Stanley Artgerm Lau, Adam Warren, Phil Noto, Sami Basri, Will Eisner, Jack Kirby and Ray Moore. Plus more. There are so many more.

What style/genre of comics do you prefer to read?

That Bulletproof Kid version 2Superhero is my favourite. Why? Who knows. I don’t like violent or gory horror comics, or anything that looks smutty or sexist. I like good old fashioned ‘white hat’ superheroes. I read a lot of different stuff and enjoy a lot of different types of comics and genres. I guess it’s like music. Open-minded people can appreciate a wide range of music genres and it’s the same with comics. My personal preference is superheroes. I know they are daggy and old fashioned now — but whatever.

What is the most innovative, landmark comic book title (or graphic novel) in history? Why do you feel this way?

It’s a huge cliché but you can’t understate the importance of Maus, The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen. It’s just a fact that these three comics are giants in the field. They had a huge impact on comics and on the market, as they helped usher in the age of graphic novels and trades which resulted in new readers investigating the medium. What’s unfortunate is that their impact on the comic industry wasn’t necessarily good — as grim and gritty became the flavour of the next few decades. There are lots of comics that have made an important impact such as Lone Wolf and Cub, The Walking Dead, The Spirit, Promethia, Blankets, Love and Rockets, Sandman and All Star Superman. Lots more.

Who is your all-time favorite comic book character — and how did he/she/it achieve this status?

Matt (left) with Paul Bedford—creator of 'The List'

Matt (left) with Paul Bedford—creator of ‘The List’

The Phantom. The original and the best. When I was a kid, I had some Asterix, Tintin, Peanuts and Footrot Flats comics. Even some Donald Duck. But it was The Phantom that really grabbed me and dragged me into comics. Go out and read the original 1930s stories by Falk and Moore.

Who’s your favorite non-comic book writer, and why? Which book of his/hers is the best, so far as you’re concerned?

I find it impossible to pick a favourite, so here is a short list: Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, Salinger, Harper Lee, Wyndham, Steinbeck, Angelou. Why? Find out for yourselves. You won’t be disappointed.


The PNP Crew Q&A Series, #1: GALO GUTIERREZ

The PNP Crew Q&A Series, #1: GALO GUTIERREZ


That Bulletproof KidOver the next few weeks, we here at Project-Nerd Publishing have set ourselves a mission (of sorts): to raise the profile of the people we work with, both creators and admin, and to address any questions you might have about our directions, interests, goals, home-truths, influences, ideas, and not-so-hidden agendas!

To start the ball rolling, we asked a few questions of PNP man Galo Gutierrez.

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Galo Gutierrez and I am the COO and Dark Lord of Project-Nerd Publishing. I live in the city of Chicago, in the state of Illinois in the good ol’ U.S. of A. I am first-generation American, as my parents immigrated from Ecuador. I am married and have three beautiful children. When I’m not publishing kick ass comics, I fight for justice as a Chicago P.D. detective. Comic books have been a passion for me since I can remember, and now they are both a passion and a mission to produce the next generation of comics through independent publishing.

How did you become involved with Project-Nerd Publishing?

I’ve been working with Iggy for a few years, and when publishing became the targeted focus of Iggy’s for his Project-Nerd, it was a no-brainier that I would be involved.

Bullet GalSo — why are indie comics so damned important?

To me, indie comics tell amazing stories that break the barriers set by traditional comics… who in my opinion play it safe and just rehash the same stories over and over. Indie comics are fresh! There are a lot of amazing creators out there looking to tell their stories, and they are very limited by a lack of avenues to do so. My hope is to change that at least for a few indie creators with PNP.

DC, Marvel, Image, Dynamite, Dark Horse, all of these — or something else?

Image! Why? Simple: Spawn. When I was a kid, Image was the new kid on the block and they broke the mold of the big two and challeged them. For that, Image will always have my respect.

Who’s your all-time favorite comic book character?

13521803_10210163072501105_1987119891_nSpider-Man. The wow-factor for me with Spider-Man has withstood the test of time. You don’t have to be the biggest or the strongest — you just have to have kick ass superpowers and believe in yourself. Guess I’m a big fan of the underdog.

What’s the freshest, greatest comic book title this year?

Bullet Gals Mitzi and That Bullet Proof Kid. If you have to ask, then go to and find out more!

Project-Nerd at Planet Comicon (KC)

Project-Nerd at Planet Comicon (KC)

It’s time for Planet Comicon!

Starting today (May 20th), Bartle Hall in Kansas City will be filled with 3 days of awesome geekiness.

Project-Nerd is present at Artist Alley Tables 1041-1043 with a brand new line of comics from Project-Nerd Publishing, as well as roaming the floor to provide the normal convention coverage found here on Project-Nerd.


Project-Nerd Publishing will have a variety of awesome titles, some never before available. Besides the incredible graphic novels Blue Moon and Bullet Gal, Project-Nerd Publishing has the first issues for four great comic series. Those titles include That Bulletproof Kid, Tobacco-Stained Mountain GoatRadiation Day #1 in Full Technicolor (writer Brett Jones will be at PCC), and Barrens #1(creators CW Cooke, Bryan Timmins, Erin Lei, and Iggy Michniacki will all present at PCC).

Project-Nerd team members will be on the floor capturing hall galleries of awesome cosplay, interview of amazing and talented creator guests, and video content for the website. The team will also be moderating a number of panels as well as hosting three of their very own including From Fandom to Business: Turning Your Hobby Into a Business (Friday at 6 PM), Project-Nerd Publishing: KC Style(Saturday at 11:30 AM), and the fan-favorite Broadcast Your Podcast (Sunday at 11:30 AM).

Be sure to pay us a visit for a great chance to learn more about what we have going on, a chance to play free games, and so much more. And don’t miss our own Erin Lei over at Booth C6 as one of the featured cosplay guests.


For more of the awesome content coming out of the Project-Nerd Tour 2016 slate, check out our Project-Nerd Tour 2016 Page.

‘Blue Moon’ Graphic Novel Announced

'Blue Moon' Graphic Novel Announced

Denver, CO – December 14, 2015 Project-Nerd Publishing is pleased to announce the release of its first Graphic Novel, Blue Moon.

“Growing up is never easy, because it’s about making choices. Who you want to be, what to leave behind. But for Tim it’s an impossible choice. Because of  her. His best  friend. The only one who really knows, truly understands him. The one only he sees and hears. He can’t let go of her. And she won’t let him.”

Written and drawn by Ben Gilboa, Blue Moon is a psychological horror story about growing up and making choices. Following the main character Tim, the 100-page story tells a non-traditional comic tale with a haunting arc and climactic finish that is accompanied by amazing and stylized black-and-white artwork.

“Ben’s story tackles a new topic you don’t see in traditional comics,” commented Iggy Michniacki, Project-Nerd Publishing Founder & CEO. “This is unlike anything else we’re publishing or even reading.”

Blue Moon is set to be released digitally in January on the Project-Nerd Publishing Shop, with additional outlets soon to follow. The goal is to have the title available in print, both as a standard trade paperback and a deluxe collector’s edition by May.

For more on Blue Moon and the many other amazing titles available through Project-Nerd Publishing, visit

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