Founded in 2015, Project-Nerd Publishing is a division of EEON, LLC offering original and independent comic books and geek literature. Project-Nerd Publishing focuses on high quality creator-owned titles, as well as custom publications, building a diverse library of content that is unlike anything else.

As well known as the Project-Nerd name is, Project-Nerd Publishing is new to the game. Even with a great team of volunteers and a dynamic group of creators, we have a long way to go and we need your help. We need fans to pick up our comics, spread the word, and push for local and regional stores to carry our titles.

Basically… if you want more Project-Nerd Publishing, you need to ask for it!


Iggy Michniacki
Founder & CEO
Iggy founded Project-Nerd five years ago and eventually turned his dream of creating and publishing comics into a reality by using the brand's success to start Project-Nerd Publishing. Iggy also is writing a number of stories, including Billie.
Galo Gutierrez
Galo is the Dark Lord of Project-Nerd Publishing, and a more appropriate title might be "Guy That Get's Shit Done!" Galo is responsible for a considerable amount of talent with the brand and networking with others.
Danielle Mumble
PR & Social Media
Danielle has worked with Project-Nerd as a content creator and Facebook admin for some time now and was excited to join the Publishing team. She is responsible for online PR, social media updates, and margarita consumption.
Adam Adair
Events Manager
Adam has been with Project-Nerd since the beginning, including involvement with the podcasts and events. Adam helps coordinate the team at conventions, run the booth, and sign boxes of macaroni-n-cheese.
Erin Lei
Erin Lei has been one of the entertaining faces of the Project-Nerd brand, and with her shift to Project-Nerd Publishing not much is changing. Erin handles PR at events and adds character to the booth.
Tyler Budhram
Tyler has been a long time editor with the Project-Nerd family, including the editing of comics for Project-Nerd Publishing. Don't let the smile fool you, he's all serious all the time (not really).
Anne Yankus
Web Content
Anne has served many roles with the Project-Nerd brands, including recently as the Editor-in-Chief of Comic Content on the now retired blog. Anne is a quality web writer and helps keep the site afloat.
Tyler Headrick
Event Staff & Host
Tyler Headrick is a long time Project-Nerd member and can often be found with a microphone in his hand sharing his opinion. Tyler helps with events and is very active with panels and podcasts.

The Talent

Paul Bedford
The List
Andrez Bergen
TSMG | Bullet Gal
Tom Bonin
The List
Ben Gilboa
Blue Moon
Brett Jones
Radiation Day
Matt Kyme
That Bulletproof Kid
Task Force Max
Iggy Michniacki
Billie | Task Force Max
Michaela Patton
Henry Popiena
The List
Zack Rezendes
Bryan Timmins
Barrens | Radiation Day
Chris Yarbrough
Radiation Day

EEON was formed in 2016 as a parent company for specific divisions previously operating under the Project-Nerd name. Currently housing publishing, photography, podcasts, video, and cosplay ventures, EEON was established to better serve a vast and growing geek community.