Project-Nerd Publishing Set to Mystify Audiences with Xucau

Project-Nerd Publishing Set to Mystify Audiences with Xucau

March 22, 2017 – Denver, CO — Project-Nerd Publishing announced a new graphic novel today that explores the legend and magic of Xucau.

Often thought to be Ossetian legend, the deity Xucau has long existed inhabiting the bodies of the world’s most powerful women. Choosing a new host every generation, Xucau does not control her host but instead gives her great abilities in which the host must decide to try and live a normal life with, use them for evil, or face off against evil deities resurrected in the same capacity. Each host learns to deal with this great power in her own way, including the current host Samantha.

Xucau is set to debut as a 48-page graphic novel written and created by Project-Nerd Publishing founder Iggy Michniacki. Artist J.C. Grande (The Escort, Johnny Monster, Necessary Evil) and colorist Jeremy Kahn (Hell on My Couch) join Michniacki for the first chapter titled, New Beginnings.

“It’s not only important that each of our titles be entertaining, but they need to also be vastly different from one another,” noted Michniacki. “Xucau is very different from the rest of our works, and we think it’s something people will find compelling and fun.”

Xucau will launch late spring with a public crowdfunding campaign set to offer the tale in both physical and digital formats along with a variety of other perks. The title will join the already diverse slate of content Project-Nerd Publishing has released across 2017, including three brand new comic series.

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