‘Gunface: The Fall of Tommy Gunn’ Joins Project-Nerd Publishing’s 2017 Slate

'Gunface: The Fall of Tommy Gunn' Joins Project-Nerd Publishing’s 2017 Slate

October 26, 2016 – Denver, CO — Project-Nerd Publishing is pleased to announce the highly anticipated new mini-series from acclaimed writer, Tim Hunger, and visionary artist, Paul Jason Young, Gunface: The Fall of Tommy Gunn.

Gunface: The Fall of Tommy Gunn is the legendary journey of a boy born to the streets, chosen by families of royalty and power to serve, but chained by destiny to punish them. Against the neon back drop of “Clip City” and through exchanged rounds of custom cannons those who deserve…will receive.

“When you combine the amazing artwork of Paul and the story Tim has created, you get a comic series we just had to bring to audiences here in the states,” noted Iggy Michniacki, Project-Nerd Publishing Founder & CEO. “This series is just all around amazing. What these two have done is nothing short of amazing, and it won’t take long for comic fans to figure that out.”

“The opportunity to introduce Gunface to the world is a great honor and truly humbling,” added Hunger. “I have shared 10 years with this character. Some good…some not so good, but always side by side. I am sure America will adopt him for their own and I couldn’t be happier that is where his journey will begin.”

Gunface: The Fall of Tommy Gunn is Hunger and Young’s first project with Project-Nerd Publishing. COO and Talent Scout Galo Gutierrez is responsible for adding it to a diverse slate of new content set to debut in early 2017 from Project-Nerd Publishing. The official release date will be announced prior to the end of the year, with pre-orders and retail orders starting in December.

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