‘Billie’ Rides onto Kickstarter

'Billie' Rides onto Kickstarter

Billie, Our newest graphic novel is now on Kickstarter.

The graphic novel follows Billie, a young woman who saw her parents murdered right in front of her eyes outside Dodge City as a child. Her neighbor, Victor, took her in and taught her how to stand on her own. Now she’s joined by her new friends Jayne and Gordon taking on the Drask Gang down in the New Mexico border towns.

Billie is a character that has been growing on paper for more than five years. She’s a character that sets the record straight and shows not all cowboys were kickass white men. Billie, Jayne, and Gordon all break the stereotype of what you see in comics, while Drask and his team will define a new era of western gangs.

The 60-page story is a complete arc that will feature Billie’s arrival in Aspen, New Mexico and kickoff the new war that will wage between her and Drask. It’s a story that’s been reviewed and praised by those that provided early critique, as well as a world that still has plenty to offer in follow up stories.


The Kickstarter campaign features a variety of perks, including four different cover options, print bundles, themed playing cards, and even advertisement space for your brand in the hardcopy release.

Learn more and pledge your support for Billie, over at Kickstarter.