Task Force Max Ready for Action in 2017

Task Force Max Ready for Action in 2017

October 3, 2016 – Denver, CO — Project-Nerd Publishing is pleased to announce a new action comic series, Task Force Max. The new series is created and written by Project-Nerd Publishing Founder, Iggy Michniacki, with pencils and inks done by the talented artist, Lautaro.

Following an elite task force of four worldly individuals, Task Force Max promises action from cover to cover as Max leads Beta, BD, and Ruby through missions that the world’s governments can’t or won’t handle. The team debuts with a four issue story arc that puts them against one of the world’s most deadly villains as he sets out to control the world’s most powerful weapons system.

Task Force Max is the first series Michniacki and Lautaro will work together on, but the pair already seem to have found exactly what they want in the characters.

“I hand over my ideas and character concepts and Lautaro quickly creates a magnificent interpretation of my vision,” noted Michniacki. “This series was written for his art style.”

The series will debut its first four issue arc in black-and-white with a possible transition to full color depending on popularity. Work has already begun for Task Force Max, with it set to release quarterly starting in 2017 as part of a revamped line-up to be detailed over the next couple of months.

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