The PNP Crew Q&A Series, #11: IGGY MICHNIACKI

The PNP Crew Q&A Series, #11: IGGY MICHNIACKI

13483198_745872652182514_8084690759386400589_oOK, so we’re calling the mad Q&A series a wrap (for now), and what better way than to book-end it with a chat with Iggy Michniacki — the brains (and mayhaps brawn!) behind Project-Nerd and PNP, as well as upcoming comic Billie?

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Who are you?

I am the founder and CEO of Project-Nerd Publishing, along with being a creator and writer.

How did you think up Project-Nerd Publishing?

I have had a dream to make comics since I was 10 years old, so once Project-Nerd had established enough of a reputation and enough partnerships in the community I thought it was time to chase that dream. But I wanted to take some awesome folks on the ride with me.

Why are indie comics so damned important?

I, therefore Project-Nerd, live and breathe by the indie model. In all aspects of it, Project-Nerd is an independent brand; an outsider infiltrating a community of geek blogs being bought up by big corporations. I love reading things from those that get to create and own, it gives the projects more of a sense of passion.

Slide-5DC, Marvel, Image, Dynamite, Dark Horse, all of these — or something else?

I enjoy any publisher, especially smaller and indie ones. It’s not a matter of the publisher name on it, it’s a matter of what’s a great read with some strong art.

What style/genre of comics do you prefer to read?

I prefer anything really, and that’s why there is such variety at Project-Nerd Publishing. I am happy to sit down to a superhero story, or take on a dark, slow paced thriller, or even read a family-friendly book with the kids.

Who is your all-time favorite comic book character — and how did he/she/it achieve this status?

Clearly it’s Batman. As much as superhero comics aren’t my first target when scoping out books, Batman is not only what I grew up on — but he was different than anybody else. Not to mention the cast of villains in Gotham are truly unmatched giving Batman stories more depth.

What are your creative plans for the future?

I just finished writing my first comic book, Billie. Billie takes place back in what some call the Wild, Wild West and follows a woman who lost her family at a young age and was trained by her neighbor to handle her own. Now she’s chasing down the gangs that took her family out. It’s set to debut in September.

1001585_466231273503351_490877967_nIf Netflix or the Syfy channel made a TV series of your latest comic book, which actors would you cast in the key roles?

This one’s fun. But you’ll have to wait until a future ‘Casting Call’ article over on Project-Nerd for me to divulge those answers.

The future of comic books — what’s really going to happen in this industry?

Even though the industry can struggle at times we need to remember that entertainment industries don’t die. Even during the Great Depression people flocked to theatres to see movies and escape life. Comics, like other forms of entertainment, offer us an escape when we need it and an adventure when things are going good.