The PNP Crew Q&A Series, #1: GALO GUTIERREZ

The PNP Crew Q&A Series, #1: GALO GUTIERREZ


That Bulletproof KidOver the next few weeks, we here at Project-Nerd Publishing have set ourselves a mission (of sorts): to raise the profile of the people we work with, both creators and admin, and to address any questions you might have about our directions, interests, goals, home-truths, influences, ideas, and not-so-hidden agendas!

To start the ball rolling, we asked a few questions of PNP man Galo Gutierrez.

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Galo Gutierrez and I am the COO and Dark Lord of Project-Nerd Publishing. I live in the city of Chicago, in the state of Illinois in the good ol’ U.S. of A. I am first-generation American, as my parents immigrated from Ecuador. I am married and have three beautiful children. When I’m not publishing kick ass comics, I fight for justice as a Chicago P.D. detective. Comic books have been a passion for me since I can remember, and now they are both a passion and a mission to produce the next generation of comics through independent publishing.

How did you become involved with Project-Nerd Publishing?

I’ve been working with Iggy for a few years, and when publishing became the targeted focus of Iggy’s for his Project-Nerd, it was a no-brainier that I would be involved.

Bullet GalSo — why are indie comics so damned important?

To me, indie comics tell amazing stories that break the barriers set by traditional comics… who in my opinion play it safe and just rehash the same stories over and over. Indie comics are fresh! There are a lot of amazing creators out there looking to tell their stories, and they are very limited by a lack of avenues to do so. My hope is to change that at least for a few indie creators with PNP.

DC, Marvel, Image, Dynamite, Dark Horse, all of these — or something else?

Image! Why? Simple: Spawn. When I was a kid, Image was the new kid on the block and they broke the mold of the big two and challeged them. For that, Image will always have my respect.

Who’s your all-time favorite comic book character?

13521803_10210163072501105_1987119891_nSpider-Man. The wow-factor for me with Spider-Man has withstood the test of time. You don’t have to be the biggest or the strongest — you just have to have kick ass superpowers and believe in yourself. Guess I’m a big fan of the underdog.

What’s the freshest, greatest comic book title this year?

Bullet Gals Mitzi and That Bullet Proof Kid. If you have to ask, then go to and find out more!